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A journey time trip to Kiev

You started, since the begin of the year, to make your vacation plans for this holiday. All that you want is to relax and disconnect from everyday problems. Perhaps you went through not going to find less explored areas, almost forgotten by travel agencies. Maybe you forgot theUkraine, one of the 15 states of the formerUSSR, which will fascinate you. A trip to this place you will mark on your memories of the holiday album. The capital of this country,Kiev, boasts one of the oldest places of worship in the church until recently Soviet space. Although the city was in the shadow ofPrague, more and more tourists become to chooseKievfor a vacation. You will be impressed with this place as you rarely find in another corner of the planet. Despite the fact it’s been quite a few years after the fall of the Soviet empire,Kievmark past still present today. Numbering over one million inhabitants, the city has developed a cosmopolitan side, which, ironically, blends perfectly with the old air emanating from old buildings and part of the population, which persists to accept this. You can enjoy beautiful parks there, as nowhere inEurope, the wide boulevards and enviable infrastructure.

How to get toKiev

If you prefer to travel by plane, you should know that you have a direct flight to drive you to the heart ofUkraine. You can also fly toPragueorFrankfurt, but as best you can get there by car. Be careful, however, for the „pirates” taxis you can meet also inBucharest, you can pay more than $ 200 to the center, a distance that you walk in about 25 minutes, depending on traffic.

What can you visit

Every weekend you can enjoy concerts and performances which take place inIndependence Square, a place that closely resembles with the street Lipscanii inBucharest. The movement closes every weekend and the place is ideal for walking. There you will find all sorts of stalls with items reminiscent of Ukrainian history, and … alcohol. Natives, men and women equally, drink alcohol without fear on the street.  

Called „Christian country”,Kievis situated on the banks of the Dnieper, the world’s third longest river and flow after Volga andDanube. Capital ofUkrainewill surprise you with the oldest cathedral in the world. Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel, who is said to be patron of the city andSt.Sophia Cathedral are two places worth visiting. The latter has been damaged and repaired over the years and today is a real cocktail of architectural styles of nine different centuries.

An article written by Fadia HÎRŢAN


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