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Recognized worldwide as one of the seven biggest attractions of the world, the resort of Dubrovnik, however, remains so little discovered by Europeans, but simply adored by the rest of the tourists. Croatian tourism paradise, Dubrovnik is unforgettable, as many visitors have said over time, and your holiday in this wonderful place will be hard to forget. One of the most prominent resorts opening on the Adriatic Sea, located in southern Croatia, Dubrovnik is not only one of the most beautiful cities in the country to which it belongs, but also a place with at least an interesting history, being, for more than seven centuries, one of the most powerful merchant republic.

What can you visit

Old Town, probably the most beautiful part of town, is still enshrined in the thirteenth century. In the city of Dubrovnik you can enter through two massive gates, which are crossing the Stradun, an ideal place to promenade, where you can discover the charm of the city or enjoy in quiet a flavored coffee in one of the restaurants in the area. Going forward, you’ll come across Onofrio Fountain, one of the few monuments which survived Renaissance devastating earthquake in 1667. Representing one of the most popular buildings of the old city, the fountain was built in 1438. If you want to see what it looks like the oldest pharmacy in Croatia, first opened in 1391, you must get inside the Franciscan monastery, a true monument of the city. Special architectural ensemble and the place of one of the oldest and biggest libraries in Croatia. The most beloved place of Dubrovnik is, undoubtedly, the church of St. Blaise. Built in Baroque style, you should not miss this monument, included on the list of places that definitely needs to be visit if you arrive in Croatia. Built to serve as residence for the head of the city, the Rector’s Palace is one of the most popular buildings throughout the city. Paintings, sculptures and furniture all great crowd in the palace, waiting quietly the visitors. Very close to market Gundula, you’ll find Pucic Palace, the only luxury hotel in the old town. One of the most famous poets from Dubrovik has there an impressive statue.

An article written by Fadia Hirtan

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