Northern flavored holiday in Estonia – PHOTO GALLERY

Northern flavored holiday in Estonia – PHOTO GALLERY

If you think to choose a destination not as common as the other so far, you have to try a holiday in one of the Nordic countries ofEurope.Estoniais certainly a place worth going, even for a few days. Baltic country of more than 1.500 islands and islets, bordering on the south by Latvia, east by Russia, north of Finland and the Baltic Sea in the west. With a history at least interesting, rich and reflected in the monuments, buildings and medieval castles scattered throughout the Nordic land,Estoniais above all a maritime country. Two of the attractions listed here are housed in UNESCO, namely the historical old town ofTallinn Centraland geodesy Struve Arc. If you arrive inEstonia, your vacation will be one more successful than if you check-in inTallinn. The city is waiting for you to discover monuments, museums, churches and parks well-organized. The cuisine of this region has strong influences of German cuisine. You will bathe your taste buds in veal trotters, roast beef with sauce or vinegar and beet herring. After eating your fill of dishes, you can quench your thirst with a cold beer, or choose to drink a cup of mulled wine. Any taste you have, inTallinnyou can enjoy fancy restaurants with specific Chinese Thai, Hungarian, Indian or Greek. Moreover, in the capital ofEstoniayou can enjoy one of the leading clubs in a disco or a pub, because the nightlife is placed prominently in the lives of people in this area.

What can you visit

Estoniais the capital and largest city of the country. Although earlier it was eclipsed by other tourist areas, such asHelsinkiorRiga,Tallinnwas last on the list of affordable holiday destinations in recent years. Playing in the past, the role of the largest salt production center and an important port on the Baltic Sea, the capital ofEstoniais now a place full of attractions and objectives that will impress you. Kumu, the largest art museum across the country, Maarjamae Palace Hall Concerts, Church Dome, an open-air museum, the submarine Lembit or Saint Bridget monastery ruins are just some of the best known of them. Medieval heart is the Raekoja plats,Central Square, which houses the city’s medieval town hall. Perhaps the most important cultural center of the country is the oldest church Toomkirik acrossEstonia, being raised since 1219. Built in baroque style,KadriorgParkis the largest park in town. Peter the Great is the one who designed the entire area, choosing this place to raise his residence, the Palace Kadriorg. If you are passionate about old buildings, you must get in Toompea, where you will enjoy Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Orthodox Cathedral,Parliament Palaceand theMuseum of Art.

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