One of the cleanest cities in the world – PHOTO GALLERY

One of the cleanest cities in the world – PHOTO GALLERY

Considered the world’s second greenest cities in the top of the world, Oslo awaits you at any time of year, a trip in the heart of Norway not so expensive. A ticket for this purpose costs about two hundred euros, but you can „hunt” much cheaper versions on the Internet, from companies of low-cost airlines. If you accept to make a stopover in one of the air hubs such as London, Paris, Milan or Rome, the road cost could be much lower than you expected. Basically, within 15 minutes you can reach any tourist attraction, no matter where you find your accomodation. The price for a double room at a hotel of three stars goes from 1,230 crowns, and for an accommodation in a hostel you will pay around 270 crowns, one euro is the equivalent to about ten crowns.

What you can visit

Vigeland Park is a monument dedicated to the famous Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland, who has created over his lifetime over two hundred works representing people in different positions, expressing a variety of moods, which today decorate the walkways and open spaces of the park. If you arrive in Oslo, go visit Viking ship museum, which showcases three vessels recovered from graves in southern Norway, which dates from the ninth century. Located in a perfect shape, thanks to the oil that were embalmed in the funeral ritual, the ships were used as tombs for kings Vikings, who were buried along with all the things you could need in the world of the righteous. Do not forget to pass to the Kon-Tiki Museum, where you’ll find the famous raft the famous explorer Thor Heyerdahl.

An article written by Fadia Hirtan

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