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Relaxation and comfort at the feet of the Acropolis

Wouldn’t you enjoy of a getaway in a modern metropolis, where Classical Greece and Western civilization was born? Converted from a busy metropolis full of pollution in a healthy and sophisticated city, Athens offers excellent tourist infrastructure, a well established pedestrian area and an atmosphere of modern capital. Considered the crossroads of Eastern and Western civilization, the capital and the political, cultural and economic fabric of Greece, Athens offers its guests an abundance of historical sights and overwhelming. Bustling city, where past shakes hands with his modern and comfortable style, has a pleasant climate, excellent traditional food and a tumultuous nightlife. A visit in the capital of Greece you will take away a few days, because attractions concentrated in the metropolis are impressive.

How expensive would be a vacation there

Prices for one day’s accommodation starts from 17 euros for a two star hotel, but may exceed the threshold of 70 euros for a night in a four stars hotel. All types of credit cards and travelers checks are accepted in most hotels and shopping malls, the car rental centers or restaurants. Transport, benefiting from a well-formed, is quite cheap. A ride costs one euro, but you can do your 24 hours a subscription, which costs three euros, or a week at a cost of ten euros. If your stay is extended more, you can get, for 35 euros, a monthly unlimited passcard. Greek restaurants are waiting for you with a traditionally kitchen seen as a haven of food worldwide. If you love shopping, you must empty your credit card on the famous street
Ermou and Aiolou, Monastiraki and Kolonaki areas.

What can you visit

The historic center of Athens is certainly the most important part of the capital, where every year millions of tourists gather to see the famous Acropolis. On its heights ensure the most important and beautiful temple in Athens, called the Holy Stone of Athens, the city dedicated protector, the goddess of wisdom. The oldest myths, ancient cults and religious festivals are concentrated in this place, considered sacred. Acropolis, dating from the fifth century BC, is the best reflection of wealth and power of Athens. At 500 meters from the Acropolis, you will find the famous Temple of Zeus, a building made of marble from Mount Pentelus. It is worth to visit the old center of Athens, known as the Agora, National Archaeological Museum, the Temple of Poseidon, Dionysus Theatre and Piraeus Port.

An article written by Fadia HÎRŢAN

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