Relaxation in the greenest city in Europe – PHOTO GALLERY

Relaxation in the greenest city in Europe – PHOTO GALLERY

Copenhagen is very popular destination for tourists who pass its threshold each year in an impressive number. In the largest city in the Scandinavian countries you can expect to discover the narrow streets or beautiful houses with gables. Well-developed pedestrian areas, green spaces conscientiously cleaned, thousands of bicycles to cross the shopping streets and culture are all eager to meet you. Summer season is crowned by beer festivals, held in the shadow of high baroque palaces and museums of art and culture. However, it’s good to know that you must go with full pockets there, if you want your holiday in the capital of Denmark to be a success, for services prices are pretty steep.

Free shipping through the greenest city in the old continent

The most appropriate means of transport through one of the most expensive capitals of the world is cycling. It’s good to know that almost any station, harbor, parks and other public places you can rent a bicycle for only 20 kroner, the equivalent of 10 lei, which will takes you around the city unhindered. When tired, you can leave the bike in a special place for parking for two-wheeled transport, but not necessarily in the same place where you got it, and get your money back. Danish anti-pollution laws are very strict, and the number of bicycles is more than twice of cars. If you arrive in the capital of Denmark in the summer, you can enjoy a flavored coffee in one of the many terraces of streets, sidewalks or holding you dine in a fancy restaurant.

An article written by Fadia Hirtan

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