Luxury and comfort in an exotic holiday in Cuba – PHOTO GALLERY

Luxury and comfort in an exotic holiday in Cuba – PHOTO GALLERY

The most important festival of Christians is fast approaching, so we need to decide as quickly as possible where you’d like to spend it. If you are considering choosing an exotic tourist destination, to get as far away as temperatures drop in the country and closer to the warm rays of the sun, a clean beach with fine sand and a cocktail in hand, you could go to most popular resort in Cuba, Varadero. Making their presence felt quite agitated nightlife in cabarets, nightclubs and cinemas modern holidays, Varadero is famous for aromatic flavor of the finest cigars and Cerveza, traditional Cuban beer. One of the favorite places for Europeans and Canadians, the resort is, it seems, the cheaper Caribbean destinations. Counting more than 50 hotels, Varadero is rightly called Cuba’s tourist Mecca, replete with places for diving and concentrated on just 21 kilometers along the beach, sophisticated restaurants, golf courses or cabarets.

Were you able to accommodate and how much it costs

To get the zero point of entertainment Cuban must pay nearly 800 euros for a ticket to Havana, with departure from Bucharest and stopover in Madrid. To the capital of Cuba, Varadero, you can easily reach by car, in no more than two hours, being able to pass the Bridge Bacunayagua Mirador Puerta, Cuba’s highest bridge, situated on the Via Blanca highway that connects Havana Metanza and Varadero. Once you arrive at the resort that promises to make your vacation an unforgettable experience, you must also pay for accommodation fee, which left the sum of 1,200 euros per person for seven nights in a suite five-star hotel Junior Suite, fares available for April this year, the recommended period for a visit to Cuba. If you want to have an ocean view, you’ll have to fork out an additional 300 euros per person. It is recommended to follow, however, offers travel agents, if you want to hunt for lower rates for accommodation.

What is worth visiting the resort

If you arrive in Varadero and you get tired of diving and swimming baths, you can go to see the Aquarium. There are waiting eight specially trained dolphins for performances with ball games, jumping by geometric shapes or other cute tricks. Cubans can you provide a rental horses for walks in the area. If you want to relax in a green oasis, filled with palm trees and artificial lakes, you should try the beautiful Josone Park. You can enjoy a delicious meal of seafood, or you can choose to your taste buds excited with international cuisine dishes, having available a wide range of restaurants. May you enjoy bowling, you can walk you can swim or boat on the lake. If you want to see what it looks like a sailing ship, a yacht or fishing boat, you must get to Chapelin, a craft port. You can take a trip with a sailing ship, where you have included everything from the open bar, snorkeling, to a seafood lunch. If you want to go shopping, do not miss the Plaza Americana shopping complex, the largest shopping center in Varadero. Certainly you will find there boutiques, craft markets and shops on your taste! If you think to leave Cuba with a souvenir authentic, high quality cigars, you can find them at the Casa del Habano. Whatever you choose to do, your holiday in Varadero will be worth every penny, and with the clear waters and magnificent marine scenery you will create the most beautiful exotic souvenir.

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